Tree surgery

Tree surgery

We use a variety of tree surgery techniques to reduce and manage tree growth.

In extreme cases, large trees especially can become unsafe or pose a risk to surrounding buildings. This could be due to weather damage, disease or their distance from a property. In these circumstances we may recommend complete removal either by felling (cutting down) or dismantling the tree in sections. We also offer a stump grinding and removal service for the remaining stump.

As well as removal, there are other options to reduce the size of a tree and the impact on its surrounding environment.

We use a tree surgery technique known as ‘crown reduction’ to reduce a tree’s height and spread while maintaining the shape. This is often used when a tree has the potential to damage nearby buildings, or to rebalance it following weather damage. Another technique – ‘crown thinning’ is where selected branches are removed to allow more light and wind to travel through the tree’s crown, reducing the density while maintaining the overall shape. Similarly, ‘crown lifting’ or ‘crown raising’ involves removing lower branches, again to let more light through, or to improve pedestrian or vehicle access.

Many customers are unsure whether, when or how to prune shrubs and fruit trees – this is something we are able to help with. We can advise on pruning techniques and offer an annual pruning service.

Our tree surgery services are not just limited to trees. We can also carry out hedge trimming and maintenance to reduce the height or width or change the shape of a hedge.